Seat Belts




  • Manufactured to the same design specifications and style of original three oint Britax and Kangol belts.
  • Fully adjustable.
  • Supplied with all mounting bolts and fittings, ready to install.
  • Available in choice of grey or black webbing.
  • Manufactured in Great Britain.
  • UK law requires three point belts for all cars and light vans first used on or after 1st January 1965. Although all new cars had to be fitted with seat belts from 1967, in 1968 the law was changed to require all post 1965 cars to be fitted with front belts retrospectively.
  • On English Mokes, the lower anchorage point for the diagonal strap is on the lower inner hull just behind the driver's seat. The upper anchorage point it is way back on the rear inner hull, just forward of the shock absorber mounting and just below the point where the rear wing starts sloping down. This means that the belt is very long.


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