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M Parts has an enviable reputation for creating Quality Seats and Hoods for Mini Mokes We offer quality replacement hoods for both English, Portuguese and Cagiva Mokes.

English Mokes

We have a comprehensive range of interior trim and hood products for the English Moke. Not only do we manufacture authentic English Moke seats and hoods to the same high standards of craftsmanship as the originals but stock seat cushions and seat belts too. We can also supply hood hoops and grab handles for English Mokes

Australian Mokes

M Parts has a range of protective seat covers and matting for Australian Mokes. Unfortunately we cannot offer a replacement hood service yet

Portuguese and Cagiva Mokes

M Parts has an extensive range of hoods and trim for Portuguese and Cagiva Mokes. Whether you are looking to upgrade or to replace, we have the solution




We offer quality replacement hoods for both English, Portuguese and Cagiva Mokes.

The aftermarket hood market is rife with a variety of imitation hoods that are poor quality copies of the originals.  Many claim to have various design improvements of one form or another but most are sadly not made to original design specifications and have many inherent problems associated with them.  Non original designs often cut costs from the manufacturing process at the expense of losing the obvious benefits found in the original designs.

We are proud of the fact that we manufacture and supply Moke hoods without compromise on pattern, materials or quality.


This is our priority and we use original manufacturing methods to replicate the original specifications.  The design of hoods for convertible cars has changed over the past fifty years and our new hoods are made with the highest quality materials using the latest technology and improved methods of construction.  Our Moke hoods are widely considered equal to or better than those fitted originally when the vehicle was new.

Precision Made for a Perfect Fit

All our hoods are manufactured by craftsmen and are made to exacting standards.  This ensures the highest standards of quality and a precise fit.

Modern Sewing Technology

All hoods require specialised skills in manufacture.  Our suppliers have been in this business for many years and have unsurpassed skill and knowledge in hood manufacture.  They continue to invest in the very latest automated machines which allow them to produce the best car hoods and interior trim.

Original Stitching

Our hoods are sewn together using extra strong cotton thread rather than high frequency welding.  Moke hoods were always stitched when new from the factory and our replacement hoods therefore have an original appearance with considerable strength at the seams.

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BHM9650 - Kick Pads
BHM9650 - Kick Pads

Part Number: BHM9650

Price: £19.95
Inc Vat: £23.94
BHM9703A - Bracket to Mud Flap
BHM9703A - Bracket to Mud Flap

Part Number: BHM9703A

Price: £3.75
Inc Vat: £4.50
BHM9705 - Hood Bag

Part Number: BHM9705

Price: £10.00
Inc Vat: £12.00
BHM9707 - Spare wheel cover
BHM9707 - Spare wheel cover

Part Number: BHM9707

Price: £25.00
Inc Vat: £30.00

Price: £10.00
Inc Vat: £12.00
BHM9812 - Red Moke Badge
BHM9812 - Red Moke Badge

Part Number: BHM9812

Price: £6.00
Inc Vat: £7.20
BHM9860 - Front mud flap
BHM9860 - Front mud flap

Part Number: BHM9860

Price: £0.00
Inc Vat: £0.00

Price: £29.79
Inc Vat: £35.75

Price: £37.50
Inc Vat: £45.00
BHM9912 - Mat Boot Floor

Part Number: BHM9912

Price: £10.00
Inc Vat: £12.00
BHM9966 - Hood Clamp Post

Part Number: BHM9966

Price: £10.00
Inc Vat: £12.00

Price: £10.00
Inc Vat: £12.00
9 - Grab handle for rear body
9 - Grab handle for rear body

Part Number: ALA7329

Price: £15.65
Inc Vat: £18.78

Price: £2.64
Inc Vat: £3.17
24 - Pedal rubbers
24 - Pedal rubbers

Part Number: GPR107

Price: £1.66
Inc Vat: £1.99
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