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We know that every vehicle restoration is different and that they are all demanding in terms of know-how and time.  Sometimes a restoration is not always the answer for everyone, especially when an existing vehicle has been weakened beyond sensible repair, either because of corrosion or previous accident damage.

Previous customers of ours have found that a replacement Moke bodyshell not only gave them a higher quality finish than reconditioning their old car but was also cheaper.  In fact the use of modern manufacturing methods with improved industry-standard rust proofing probably results in a significantly better unit than original.


Moke Bodyshell Front

A new bodyshell also appeals to the hands-on customer who likes to carry out all their own work but who finds restoring and welding a rusty bodyshell very daunting.  A new bodyshell will also guarantee a rust free Moke.

M Parts are the only company in the world to offer brand new genuine Moke bodyshells.  We can supply bodyshells for customers in Germany, France and the rest of Europe and are happy to discuss delivery arrangements with you.


Moke Bodyshell Front


Replacement bodyshells are available for English Mokes (1964-68), Australian Mokes (1966-1982), Portuguese Mokes (1983-1989) and Cagiva Mokes (1991-1993).  All bodyshells are suitable for LHD or RHD.

Original Panels from the Factory

Each bodyshell is assembled in our own workshops using original panels that were manufactured by the Cagiva factory in Portugal using the original press tools and equipment.  The panels were manufactured using Zintec coated steel which provides similar protection as if they were galvanised.  We do not use any panels originating from China.

Where stocks of original panels have run out, we have invested heavily in new press tools to manufacture accurate reproductions.  We use a modern automotive grade steel that is actually higher quality and stronger than the original.

We are aware that other Chinese Moke bodyshells are available.  We wish to make it clear that we are in no way associated with these copies.  If you are considering purchasing one of these "Chokes", please call us first so you know exactly what you are buying.



Moke Wheel Arch



We have a dedicated assembly area for the manufacture of all bodyshells.  We use welding equipment that is identical to that used by major motor manufacturers which ensures the quality of spot welds is to the required standard.

Assembly Jigs

We build these bodyshells to original factory specification and dimensional integrity using our own jigs. The manufacturing process combines authentic production information, traditional handcrafting skills along with state-of-the-art technology.  The completed bodyshells are seam sealed and the undersides and pannier boxes sprayed in stone chip material that provides additional protection.  A full coat of high build primer is applied to each bodyshell minimising the preparation required before the final paint finish is applied.



Moke Interior


We treat each bodyshell individually and are happy to work with you to enable the successful combination of new materials and craftsmanship for the creation of a new Moke to your own particular style.

Bodyshells can also be supplied finished to your choice of final colour.  We can also transfer the parts from your Moke or provide just the bodyshell either in primer or a colour of your choice.  Some customers prefer us to build a rolling shell for them to complete.  We are very flexible and would be happy to discuss your requirements.


Technical Support

Our hands-on experience in building and restoring Mini Mokes allows us to provide technical support and advice to any new owners of our Moke bodyshells.  From painting through to fitting of running gear, our comprehensive knowledge can assist you in restoring your Mini Moke.  Alternatively, we can undertake this area of your Moke restoration for you to your exact specification.

Moke Interior


We build all bodyshells to order and we suggest you allow at least 16 weeks for delivery as we have to build the work into our busy schedule.

Bodyshells do not include any ancillaries such as bonnet, pannier doors, grab handles, dash panel, seats or hood hoops. However we can supply these at additional cost.

Thanks to M Parts the Moke lives on!



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