It's a fact that both the Mini and the Moke require regular servicing and have a recommended service interval of 6000 miles. During the sixties, this was the accepted interval for oil changes because the oils of the period degraded and broke down when left in the crankcase environment for longer than the prescribed interval.  The combination of heat, friction and the oil oxidising over time can result in the creation of a greasy, cake-like sludge that can clog oil return passageways and is sure engine killer.

Whilst modern oils and modern engines are better and don't require such frequent servicing, the same is not true of the venerable old "A" series engine and we still recommend that they are serviced once a year.  Whilst many Mokes are only driven for six months a year and cover very few miles, the oil can still degrade over time.  It is something many owners overlook but is essential for the longevity and continuing performance of your vehicle.

Green Moke With Surfers

We have full workshop facilities with experienced and knowledgeable staff and are familiar with all types of Moke.  We even work on classic Minis too.

Our detailed service check covers 75 points to ensure all areas of the Mini are covered during the service, including all of the normal consumable parts and lubricants.  We place great emphasis on preventative maintenance and will always let you have honest feedback about any potential problems that might arise in the future.  We believe strongly in keeping customers informed and always ask before carrying out any additional repairs which may come to light during a service.

We have a well stocked parts department with over 6,000 parts in stock.  Most of our parts are high quality, original and genuine, as we don't believe that after market parts provide the best solution as they are not made to the same quality as the originals.  Owners of classic Minis and Mokes have also become more discerning in their purchase of parts.  They are no longer looking for cheap alternatives but would rather have a quality part manufactured to the specification of the original equipment.


We can arrange to book your vehicle in for an MoT through a local independent testing station.  We will carry out a full inspection of your vehicle to check it is to MoT standard, produce a report of any defects found and then carry out any car repairs, service or work your vehicle requires to pass its MoT.  If your vehicle fails the MoT test then we usually have the parts in stock and are able to carry out any repairs required and arrange a re-test quickly.

General Repairs

We are equipped to carry out other repairs including mechanical, body work, trim or accident repair work.   We would be delighted to provide estimates for any repairs before work is carried out.

We also offer many other services including

  • Engine rebuilds, engine tuning or engine servicing
  • Gearbox rebuilds
  • Electrical work
  • Brake fluid checks
  • Suspension and steering geometry checks


Because we focus only on Mini Mokes and the classic Mini, we have far more experience in diagnosing problems.   It also means that work is carried out efficiently and to a very high standard.

Ramp Inspection

This is a very popular service which is basically a very thorough mechanical and road test.  It highlights any faults on the car, both current and potential future problems.  It could be compared to a ‘full health check’ for the car and a written report is provided.

This will allow a customer to plan for the future, budget for potential work and possibly decide whether to perserve with the car as it, is or to take it off the road and carry out major repairs.

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