We are experts in restoring and rebuilding these iconic classics at our workshops in Cowbridge.

Production of Mokes started in 1964 and ceased in 1992, so the oldest are now over 45 years old and even the youngest cars are approaching 20 years old.  With this in mind, it is very unusual to come across an original Moke that doesn’t need a degree of restoration.  Sometimes a Moke can be in such poor conditioon that the most cost effective way of restoring it is with a new bodyshell.

We don't "bodge" or "tart up" cars and we never simply patch up rotting bodywork.  Our workmanship is first class and we keep it honestly priced.

A rebuilt Mini Moke from M Parts is the closest thing you will get to a brand new Mini Moke.



Before any work even starts, we spend some time discussing your personal requirements with you and we will give you a tour around our workshops showing you every stage in the process of rebuilding a Moke.  We welcome your input into the final specification of your car and give you an open invitation to visit it at any point in its process.  We can also arrange to take photographs of it through the stages.






The first step is an honest assessment of the car.  We carry out a thorough inspection with the customer to understand what problems are likely to lie ahead.  Inevitably some problems will not be seen as rust usually extends far beyond what can be seen on the exterior of the vehicle. We generally know what is likely to lie underneath and can build in an allowance for it.  At this stage the approximate costs are discussed and plans are formulated for the work ahead.
Strip Down

The first stage of a Moke rebuild is to totally strip down the car. The Moke is carefully dismantled right down to the last nuts and bolts and all parts are carefully stored.  The body shell, subframes and suspension parts are then shot blasted back to bare metal.  The shot blasting process removes all paint and rust and is the only effective way of ensuring that all corrosion is removed.

Panel Repair or Replacement

When rust problems are identified during the shot blasting process, the panels are cut out and replaced with original factory panels.  We do not use filler to fill holes or big dents and all the metal is smoothed until it is as flat as possible.  Some filling may then be required, just as it was when the cars left the factory.


All the seams on the bodyshell are sealed with seam sealer and the underside is undersealed to give it the best possible protection.

The Moke bodyshell is taken to the body shop where it is given a coat of high quality etch primer, followed by three coats of high build primer.  The high build primer is then rubbed down to give a smooth base for the three high quality colour coats.


The running gear, engine and subframe are all overhauled and reassembled using new wheel bearings, shock absorbers, suspension and brakes.  The subframes are reattached to the body and the vehicle reassembled to your specification.  Finally we wax oil the bodyshell cavities should you require it.  A new MoT will then be obtained for the fully assembled Moke and it will be test driven for a few days before you collect it.  All rebuilt Mokes come with a one year parts and labour warranty.

Reassembly of a Moke will take about 80 hours and in total the rebuild will have taken approximately 450 hours.


Please contact us for a quotation.  Additional options and specifications will affect the price and we will provide written quotations based on your individual requirements.

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