Catalina Mokes

We travelled over to America in 2014 to purchase 17 original English Mini Mokes. They were originally part of a fleet of 100 Mokes on Catalina Island, a rocky island off the coast of California. The island is tiny at only 22 miles long and 8 miles across and the speed limit on the island was 25mph. So to ensure no one broke the law, the Mokes were speed restricted by a simple but effective device. A metal plate was screwed to the floor to prevent engagement of fourth gear. They were all in a pretty sorry state by the late 1980s and the last 58 of the fleet were sold in September 1990 as a job lot. Over the years, the best of them were sold off by the new owner but the remainder were left out in a field where they stood for the next 20 years. Now 17 of them have returned home. We had to dismantle most of them to get them all in the container. However they are all very original except they are all very rusty. We have all the original factory panels in stock to restore these Mokes over the next few years. If you would like more information regarding owning one of these historical and interesting English Moke please contact us as we expect there to be alot of interest in these vehicles


Cagiva Hoods

After many years of development, Cagiva Moke hoods are now available to order. Manufactured in Great Britain to original specifications, they are available in a choice of sand or black and with or without sidescreens. Whilst they are a direct replacement for Cagiva Mokes, they are also suitable for Portuguese Mokes and will bring all the improvements that the Cagiva hoods offers. For more details, please click here: In addition we will shortly be able to offer replacement seats for Portuguese and Cagiva Mokes. For more information, please click here


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