Forgotten Mokes

It's now well over fifty years since they were first manufactured and we continue to hear from lots of people who have fond memories of owning a Mini Moke.  Every year we hear of Mokes that have been rediscovered after many years in storage.

If you used to own a Mini Moke, do you still have it stored away in the back of a garage somewhere?



Moke in scrap yard



It's a sad fact that many old 1960s Minis were simply scrapped when a combination of rust and growing repair bills meant it was too expensive to keep them on the road.

Whilst many Mokes were indeed scrapped, we know that many of them were simply put away at the back of a garage.  Owners knew they were special and had every good intention of putting them back on the road.  But a lack of time and other commitments meant that the Moke simply stayed put and gathered dust.




If you are someone in this situation or perhaps know someone else who is, then please get in touch and we can help advise you of the best way forward.  If the old Moke is no more than a wreck, then it can still be restored using a new bodyshell.


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