Manufacture of New Parts

M Parts currently holds around £3m worth of stock for the Moke and Classic Mini.  Stocks include many new parts as well as "new old stock" items which are original parts manufactured long ago but which have never been used or sold at retail.

Unfortunately some parts are now becoming very difficult to source from residual stocks or from the original manufacturer.  In this situation M Parts will often commission the remanufacture of parts either under our own brand or under the genuine part number.

When parts are remanufactured, we always seek to have them manufactured by the original OEM manufacturer using the original tooling.  If this is not possible then we ensure that they are manufactured to the exact original equipment specifications by specialist manufacturers.  Although we are not able to market them as original and genuine parts, they are of the same comparable standard of quality as the original part.  We will always indicate whether a particular part is genuine or non-genuine in our online shop


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